“This company was born from my strong wish to put to good use the principles we believe in and that have come to represent us. During all our years of work, we have both built and renovated houses and we have completed projects that we are massively proud of. Nevertheles, our biggest accomplishment is the fact that we have molded characters and have succeeded in gathering together a team of professionals who truly know their work and craft inside out.” (Florin Vlad, Founder and President of Vlad Group)

“I first came into contact with the construction field back in 2004, when I visited the team on location on one of its projects. I knew right then and there that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life. One year later, I was already involved on the work done on building sites, and my first responsibility was to keep the place clean. I strongly believe that one needs to climb through the ranks and start from the bottom if you really want to understand how to do this job well. I took my time learning, both the tricks of the trade, but also how to make good decisions, take credit for my work, but also be fully responsible for it. Thus, I think that, together with our team, I contributed step by stepto writing new pages in the history of old houses. I am glad to represent the second generation of this family business and I am proud of the quality of the people I get to work with and the passion we share with our clients.” (Bogdan Vlad, Executive Director Vlad Group)

The Vlad Group team is made up of:
• Engineers
• Stone workers
• Wood flooring specialists
• Carpenters
• Blacksmiths
• Woodworkers
• House painters
• Locksmiths
• Mosaicists
• Bricklayers

Technical equipment:
• Wood and stone reconditioning studio
• Wood flooring fitting and finishing equipment
• Stone fitting and processing equipment
• Complete Façade scaflod set
• Equipment for lifting materials
• Complete tool and device sets for complex fitting teams for wrought iron, metal garments, drywall, woodwork
• Complete sets and devices for quality control testing
• Cars and utility vehicles