We offer comprehensive solutions and we stand ready to vouch for the quality of every project we work on. We thus promise to deliver thorough construction and interior design projects.

Our services include:
General contractor, overseeing and ensuring the alignment of the entire team and subcontractor ensemble
Restoration works that bring buildings’ beauty back to light, while a team of experienced specialists ensure that the original architectural style and components, are kept intact
Ongoing consultancy for the efficient execution of any project, with our specialists in constant dialogue with clients, helping them make informed and convenient decisions on the materials and finishings to be used
Renovation works, where a great deal of attention is paid to using a variety of high quality materials and finishings
Structures that consolidate old buildings, thus ensuring their safety and stability
Interior design execution, done with care and a sense of duty
Exterior design works, that restore the original exquisite aspect of buildings
Artwork: painting restoration