New houses and buildings

Vlad Group has extensive experience as well in building new houses and villas, some of them being built from scratch, from idea to turn-key solution for the final owner.

Private villa, Tunari Street, Băneasa, Bucharest
Full project, including execution and finishings, done completely by Vlad Group.
Teodosie Rudeanu Street, Bucharest
Full project, including execution and design, done completely by Vlad Group.
Private villa, Erou Iancu Nicolae
Private villa designed and built completely by Vlad Group specialists.
10 Maghiranului Street, Bucharest
When constructing this house, the team used mainly recovered and restored materials and elements.
(Architect Marius Voica)
153A Serban Vodă Street, Bucharest
This particular project consisted in building a brand new house, right down from the execution of the resistance structure to the most complex finishing works.
(Architect Adrian Soare)
10 Carol Knappe Street, Bucharest
The project included façade works, metal garments, finishings and interior decorations.
(Arhitect Florian Stanciu)
Charles De Gaulle, Bucharest
Interior finishings in office building in Charles de Gaulle square, Bucuresti.
18 Fuica Street, Bucharest
The work was already in an advanced stage of execution when we took over the project and the complex work that was left to be completed required our specialists’ highest level of artistry.
(Architect Șerban Sturdza)
40-42 Washington Street, Bucharest
This is one of the team’s few projects of modern architecture. What stands out is the fact that we had to restore a series of highly complex interior finishings.
(Main Project Architect Bogdan Tofan, Coordinating Architect Teodor Badiu)
Strada Drumul Potcoavei, Băneasa