Each house has its own personality and its unique story which spans over decades, even centuries, a story it tells patiently and meaningfully. Over the years, we listened to dozens of stories, we learned something new from each house, we built a very valuable team and we had the honor to work with people who love art and beauty. We created this page to tell all those stories and many others.

The process that you are going to embark on is divided three ways, between you (the owner and investor bankrolling the project), the architect (the one who is qualified to understand what the owner needs and how to make it a reality) and the builder (the one who has the capacity to execute the architect’s designs). In order to kick off the project, the first step is to identify the architect who will coordinate the entire project, from the very beginning. Choosing the right architect, much like choosing the builder, is a matter of trust.


After you have completed one, two, even ten renovation and restoration projects, you might think you have acquired know-how and a substantial experience, and this is undeniable. Yet, it is equally true that each house has its own character and story. We believe that an old house is like an elder who tells you his story, a story you must listen to patiently and take note. We are convinced we have learned something new from each house we have worked on.


One of my first clients, for whom I had already completed a small renovation contract for an apartment, entrusted us with rehabilitating an old house from 1935. The work included complex original elements, of great architectural value, which obviously required great finesse and expertise. At that moment, we didn’t know much about this niche. But, since I have always been very fond of challeges, I was not about to let this discourage me. I can tell you now that this project turned out to be far tougher than I could have imagined.


I first moved to Bucharest in the ‘90s, with my wife. All we had to our name was two suitcases, two chairs and a foldable table. You could say I started from scratch. After living for seven years in a tent, we managed to get a loan and, thus, buy an apartment. Because I was born in the countryside, my dream has always been to have an actual house, built on the ground, to call home. This is what motivated me to try my luck and take chances.