Oftentimes, following our work restoring and transforming buildings, we are left with fragments and objects of extraordinary artistry and value that no longer fit in their original places. Out of passion and respect for these old, and sometimes one-of-a-kind architectural and material elements, in 2012 we started Atelierele Revers. Here, we prepare them for a new life, in the company of anew owner.

Services we offer at Atelierele Revers:
• Woodwork reconditioning services, including rough carpentry or restoration work for doors, stairs, molding and flooring;
• Stonework services, including repairworks for stairs, flooring, garments and capitals;
• Carpentry and stonework consultancy (execution, reconditioning, fitting);
• Metal woodwork and wrought iron reconditioning;
• Old architectural elements (doors, stair elements, molds) and recovered constructions materiales (flooring, bricks, ceramic tiles, stone and bricks for coatings) sale;
• Buying/salvaging architectural elements and construction materials.

For even more details, visit: www.atelierele-revers.ro